With Crossed Fingers in the Casket?

Link to ArtPod: Mathias Kryger interviews Stine Hebert and Johanne Løgstrup about archives, art, and their project HEIRLOOM

29 December 202320 May 2024

Podcast, online

Please find the link to the podcast here

HEIRLOOM is a center for art and archives.

In this edition of ArtPod, the founders Stine Hebert and Johanne Løgstrup discuss the importance of working in-depth with archives, both in terms of the artists' work with their own legacy, in terms of the archives that are on the periphery of our culture, and in terms of the museums' work with both what is found in the museums' collections – but also with what is absent. And also about why they at HEIRLOOM challenge the exhibition as a format.

But also simply this: What did Stine Hebert find in some very special boxes in archives in both Aarhus and London?

Please note that the podcast is in Danish.

(Published 29th December 2023)