Heart on the Tongue

Eva la Cour and Mia Edelgart

9 August26 October 2024

Exhibition, Onsite

Jef Cornelis’ paper archive at Argos – center for audiovisual arts, 2023 by Eva la Cour and Mia Edelgart

This autumn, HEIRLOOM presents the exhibition Heart on the Tongue with visual artists Eva la Cour and Mia Edelgart. 

Eva la Cour and Mia Edelgart's exhibition at HEIRLOOM is based on the Belgian film- and television creator, Jef Cornelis (1941-2018), who in the 1970s and 80s produced films and television programs on national Belgian TV. His productions, by virtue of their format and content, examined and challenged what television (at the time) could be and do. At this time, television programs were a unifying factor for the population and everyone had the same references, because there were few channels and no on-demand streaming services. For the exhibition, la Cour and Edelgart have produced new works in dialogue with archive material from Jef Cornelis.  

Cornelis left behind a small paper archive in which his processes become clear. Through interviews and staged conversations, la Cour and Edelgart’s exhibition will emphasise the element of co-creation in Cornelis' work. A central driver in the work of Edelgart and la Cour is the need for a less auteur-oriented narrative of the artist's role in favor of a more relational perception of the act of producing art. In their visual artistic practices, they have for many years circled methodologically oriented questions, and together they have explored collaborative, experimental and precarious film practices that offer more nuanced perspectives on the relationship between dissemination and presentation, research process and work production. 

la Cour and Edelgart will produce three new works for the exhibition. One of the works, a pilot project of a TV programme, is a live-edited talk show dealing with the climate crisis. The work recontextualises some of Cornelis's formal television techniques in a contemporary context, where the crisis also plays out on a sensory, perceptive, and mediating level. 

The title of the exhibition is a direct translation of the Flemish expression ‘Hart op de Tung.’ An expression the two visual artists came across in their research, where it was used by a former colleague of Cornelis to describe the approach and tone of Cornelis' talk show programs. The title alludes, among other things, to the passion and directness behind the productions. 

The exhibition takes place in collaboration with the research centers Center for Practice-based Art Studies (PASS) and Art as Forum at the University of Copenhagen with which the two artists are affiliated. The production of the work is supported by the two centers and Statens Kunstfond.