I’m an Archive

An archive only has value if you open it!

Wednesday 13 September, 15:0018:00

workshop, talk, onsite

Talk by Gareth Bell-Jones, director of Flat Time House in London, followed by a conversation with the co-founders of HEIRLOOM, Stine Hebert and Johanne Løgstrup

Photo: Yvette Brackman, detail from a sketch for the work “And There is No Love in Vain”

As part of the workshop- and event series I'm an Archive, initiated by HEIRLOOM – center for art and archives, Heirloom and the Danish Visual Artists invite you to a strand of programming that offers various perspective on how visual artists can approach and work with their own archives. The goal is to strengthen the artists’ awareness of their total body of work or praxis and provide them with a range of tools – from legal perspectives to conservation and access.

This event will be held in English and Danish.

Please be aware that the workshops are free but with limited capacity and sign-up is necessary to participate. Sign up at Danish Visual Artists via email kmfp@bkf.dk  

The events are supported by BKF’s Copyright Fund.